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Getting Started with TopBox

Table of Contents

Running a Report with Filters
Saving Filter Settings and Reports
Data Table Sorting and Filtering
Clearing All Filter Settings
Downloading Your Reports

New to TopBox? Get Started Here

Select a report from the Home page list or navigate to the Menu on the left for more options.

The Home page list is meant as a guide to useful reports, depending on your role (Customer Success Manager, Program Manager, Executive Sponsor) and permissions set by your Administrator.

The Menu on the left shows a wider list of options and TopBox capabilities, including:

  • Summary Results
  • Alert Followups
  • Reports (click on arrow to see a list of report categories)
  • Administration (click on arrow to see list of options)

Note: Not all reports described are visible to all users, and certain categories are part of a default set and may change during implementation to better suit your company’s needs.

Clicking on a report causes the Menu to collapse, Settings & Filters box will show up, and the report will auto-run, except for:

  • Account Health (require Account Filters choose Account)
    • X-Ray
  • Key Drivers (require Questionnaire Filters)
    • Correlation
    • Attribute Scores
    • Attribute Trends (auto-runs via link from X-Ray report)
    • Comment Analysis

We recommend checking out further information and instructions for each report by clicking on the    icon under the report name. A new tab will open with instructions specific to that report.

Running a Report with Filters

Toggle between full report view and Settings & Filters by clicking on the    icon under the report name, and select your Settings & Filters, including:

  1. Account Filters
  2. Contact Filters
  3. Questionnaire Filters
  4. Question Filters

Run the report by pressing    under the report name or “Apply & Run” towards the top of Settings & Filters

Note: Please keep in mind that loading filter data in dropdown menus (loading is indicated by a pulsating blue circle) and running reports (loading is indicated by rotating blue circle) can take a bit longer with large datasets. Refreshing the page will result in clearing of previously created reports and tabs.

Running a new report, either through the Home page or the Menu, will result in a new report tab across the top of the page. You can provide a custom name for each report by clicking on the name field.

Saving Filter Settings and Reports

You can save these filter settings to use across other reports by clicking the    button under the “Settings & Filters” heading. You can access the saved and renamed filter sets in the filters dropdown menu. To save the report for future use, click on the same icon under the report name. You have the ability save both the filter settings and the full report with a custom name, description, and also share with other TopBox users at your company. You can access saved reports by navigating to “Saved Reports” in the left navigation Menu.

Data Table Sorting and Filtering

For most reports you will see a data table with multiple columns. Although you are using Settings & Filters for a more targeted view of the data presented via charts and data tables, it may also be helpful to sort and filter data within the table.


  • Click on the column names to sort results. Click on the column header again to change the sort direction from Ascending to Descending. Clicking a third time will turn off sorting on that column
  • You may sort by more than one column by clicking each column name in the order desired


  • Click on the to the right of each column header for further data filtering options, in order to show items with value that:
    • Is equal to, Is not equal to, Starts with, Contains, Does not contain, Ends with, Is null, Is not null, Is empty, Is not empty
  • Depending on the data within that column, click in the empty space below each dropdown menu and type either numerical or text values
  • After the first filter is applied you can apply a second filter using the same list of options described above by choosing And/Or in the dropdown menu
  • Click “Apply & Run” to enable your filter options

Clearing All Filter Settings

To clear the filter set, make sure to do so by clicking on the   icon under the “Settings & Filters” heading.

Downloading Your Reports

In TopBox, you have several options for downloading your reports and data for use outside of the platform. To download charts:

Export as image by clicking on the    icon and “Export Image”

Export as a PDF by clicking on the same icon and “Export PDF”

To download data tables:

Export as Excel file by clicking on the  Export To Excel  icon on the gray banner
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