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Alerts Follow-up Results Instructions

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Getting the most out of the report
Examples to watch for
Run report and filter settings
Save report settings
Erase filter set
Download report

See how alert follow-up efforts are helping the business

Why you need this report: to show if alert follow-up efforts are enhancing customer relationships, resolving issues, cultivating new contacts, and resulting in new sales opportunities.

  • Identify which follow-up alert owners’ efforts are actually helping the business
  • Understand what the most successful alert owners are doing
  • Use these insights to develop a strategy to help other alert owners make changes and take action that will lead to similar success
  • Utilize filters to zoom in on specific filtering criteria, including survey and wave information

Getting the most out of the report:

The Alert Follow-up Results will display the number and percentage of alerts where the employee working on the follow-up process has determined that the effort drove business results.

    • The follow-up process provides a chance to reach out to contacts with a variety of sentiment levels
    • Besides issue resolution better understanding of customer needs, such efforts can lead to new sales opportunities and drive additional value for the business
    • Sort the New Sales Opportunities, Value of Sales Opportunities, or Valuable Followups columns to see which alert owners are driving the most potential value
    • Useful Filter examples:
      • In Settings & Filters  Contact Filters, click on the dropdown menu for Roles and filter by Decision Makers, Influencers, Day to Day (and Other). This can help answer questions such as:
        • Which alert owners are driving the most value through follow-up activity for the most influential contacts?
      • In Settings & Filters Account Filters, click on the dropdown menu for Tier to narrow in on certain account tiers. This can help answer questions such as:
        • Are follow-up actions resulting in enhanced customer relationships with contacts who are part of Strategic Accounts?

  • Examples to watch for:
    • Use this report to document the “ROI” for the program
      • What percentage of alerts are adding value to the business?
      • Sort data table by Valuable Followups and fields such as: Enhanced Customer Relationship, Resolved Issue, Met New Contact, New Sales Opportunities
    • Do we see “value” (results) being created during the followup?
      • If none of the alerts are driving results then the people doing the alert follow-up work need training

Note: Following the completion/closure of an alert follow-up, the owner indicates via a set of presented checkboxes if/how the client has benefited from the alert process. The Alert Follow-up Results report is an aggregate of both follow-up activity and the resulting feedback on behalf of the alert owner.

To run this report:

1. Select your Settings & Filters, including:

  1. Account Filters: by Accounts, Primary Product, Tier, Region, Sales Rep, Account Manager
  2. Contact Filters: by Contacts, Roles
  3. Questionnaire Filters: by Questionnaire, Wave OR Start/End Dates*
    1. You may select a start wave without an end wave if that is the only wave for which you want to report
    2. Selecting a wave in the “Start wave” filter will show all data in that wave.
    3. Selecting a value in the “End Wave” filter will show all results for the entered range of start wave and end wave
  4. Question Filters: by scores (0-10) relating to specific question types and attributes

*NOTE: We suggest using Campaigns (“Waves”) instead of Dates for accuracy in including all Non-Responders.

2. Run the report by pressing . You can save these filter settings to use across other reports by clicking the button under the “Settings & Filters” heading.

You will see:

  1. Data Table: Assigned To, Total (follow-up), Enhanced Customer Relationship and %, Resolved Issue and % [of total follow-up instances that led to resolving issues], Met New Contact and % [of total follow-up instances that led to meeting new contacts], New Sales Opportunities and % [of total follow-up instances that led to new sales opportunities], Value of Sales Opportunities, Valuable Followups and % [of total follow-up instances that resulted in further sales]
    • By default, the report is sorted alphabetically by Assigned To
    • Click on the column names to sort results by highest/lowest Total, Enhanced Customer Relationships, Value of Sales Opportunities, etc.

    • Click on the column header again to change the sort direction from Ascending to Descending. Clicking a third time will turn off sorting on that column
    • You may sort by more than one column by clicking each column name in the order desired

3. To clear the filter set, make sure to do so by clicking on the icon under the “Settings & Filters” heading.

4. To download your reports:

  • Data Table: Export as Excel file by clicking on the Export To Excel icon on the gray banner

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