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Questionnaire Instructions

Table of Contents

Adding a new Questionnaire
What you will see

Manage Questionnaires and settings  within TopBox

  • One of the first steps towards setting up a Questionnaire as an administrator
  • Manage settings for new and existing Questionnaires

Adding a new Questionnaire

Click on the “ADD” button at the top of the gray banner and provide the following:

  1. Name [for the Questionnaire] – descriptive name for the questionnaire, ex: Company ABC Customer Relationship Questionnaire
  2. Type – select either TopBox or SurveyGizmo using the dropdown menu
  3. Start Date and End Date – use the calendar feature to select dates for the questionnaire
  4. Sequence – determines the order in which the TopBox data importer function will process the questionnaires
  5. Integration Id – must match the survey ID from SurveyGizmo found in the URL; ex:
  6. Status –
    1. Active – if selected this indicates the questionnaire is still active and there may be future waves planned, even if no current wave is still open/accepting responses
    2. Is Anonymous – if selected there will be no personally identifiable information (e.g. First and Last Name, Email address, etc.) displayed in TopBox for the questionnaire
    3. Is Closed – selecting this option indicates that the questionnaire does not have any active waves and no future ones are planned (no long accepting responses)
    4. Show Non Responder Link – if selected then TopBox will not show the questionnaire URL in the X-Ray and Exports reports (especially used when importing data from another survey tool, and for anonymous surveys)
  7. Make sure to click the “SAVE” button in the bottom right corner of the screen to ensure that all new settings or any changes will be saved.

You will see:

  • Data Table: Actions (Edit, Delete), Name [of Questionnaire], Type (TopBox or SurveyGizmo), Entity State, Is Anonymous (true/false), Is Closed (true/false), Sequence, Non Responder Links (true/false), Integration Id, Start Date, End Date
    • Click on the column names to sort results. Click on the column header again to change the sort direction from Ascending to Descending. Clicking a third time will turn off sorting on that column
    • You may sort by more than one column by clicking each column name in the order desired

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