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Attribute Trends Instructions

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Getting the most out of the report
Examples to watch for
Run report and filter settings
Save report settings
Erase filter set
Download report

Understand your customers’ perception of your program’s key attributes

Why you need this report: Determine how each of the attributes is viewed by surveyed contacts and how each one is trending over time

  • See how attributes are trending across Waves
    • Identify which attribute scores improved or declined across waves
    • Were actions taken to improve customer perceptions of specific trends from one wave to another? What were the results?
  • Utilize filters to zoom in on specific Waves and segments, such as Tiers

Getting the most out of the report:

The Attribute Trends report provides of how key attributes of your company’s products or services are trending over a specified time period. This report can provide insides into what is working and in which areas your company may need to realign resources and strategy.

Bar Chart : Overall Attributes

  • The attributes are mapped on the chart using color-coded bars
  • Hovering over each bar will reveal more precise figures for the number of respondents and % of score category for each attribute
  • A selection of the attributes are part of a default set, while additional ones may be added during implementation to better suit your company’s needs
  1. X-axis (horizontal) = breakdown % of scores per attribute
    • Shows the percentage of scores that fall within a specified score range for an attribute
    • To alter the score range (default set to 7-10), navigate to Report Setting and set the minimum and maximum score using the sliding scale
    • Color-coded legend for scores breakdown:
      1. Green = 9-10
      2. Yellow = 7-8
      3. Red = 0-6
      4. Gray = Do Not Know
  • Useful Filter examples:
    1. In Settings & Filters Questionnaire Filters Wave, click on the dropdown menu and filter by specific waves
    2. In Settings & Filters Account Filters Tiers, click on the dropdown menu to narrow in on certain account tiers
  1. Y-axis (vertical) = Attributes
    • Provides a breakdown to show how respondents score each attribute
  2. Examples to watch for:

    • Especially keep an eye out for a high number of respondent scores falling into the Red (0-6) range, as this may require further contact between the Account Managers and the clients in order to understand why your company’s product/services are poorly perceived and to figure out how to improve
    • If a particular attribute is not being scored by a high number of respondents (Gray = Do Not Know) this provides a chance to understand whether the attribute is potentially:
      1. Not valued or found useful by clients
      2. Not understood by clients
    • Note: Bar chart shows breakdown in absolute percentage terms, meaning that the percentage is the proportion of contacts that scored the attribute within the color-coded range. The attribute with the longest green portion of the bar may not necessarily be ranked first in the Data Table. The ranking is based on the percentage of responses that fell into the Score range specified by the user in the Report Settings section of the Settings & Filters section.

To run this report:

1. Select your Settings & Filters*, including:

  1. Account Filters: by Accounts, Primary Product, Tier, Region, Sales Rep, Account Manager
  2. Contact Filters: by Contacts, Roles
  3. Questionnaire Filters: by Questionnaire, Wave* OR Start/End Dates*
    1. You may select a start wave without an end wave if that is the only wave for which you want to report
    2. Selecting a wave in the “Start wave” filter will show all data in that wave.
    3. Selecting a value in the “End Wave” filter will show all results for the entered range of start wave and end wave
  4. Question Filters: by scores (0-10) relating to specific question types and attributes

*NOTE: The filter names are part of a default set and may change during implementation to better suit your company’s needs.

2. Run the report by pressing . You can save these filter settings to use across other reports by clicking the button under the “Settings & Filters” heading.

You will see:

  1. Chart: Overall Attributes
  2. Data Table: Question (full text), Short Question (abbreviation), Area (Touchpoint, Relationship, Overall), Rank (descending score order in terms of percentage of respondents), # of Responses, % in Range (% of respondent scores falling into range specified in Report Settings Score)
    • By default the report is sorted by Rank/% in Range (the attribute which received the largest share/percentage of 9-10 scores will appear at the top with a #1 Rank)
    • Click on the column names to sort results by highest/lowest Response Rate, # of Responses, etc. Click on the column header again to change the sort direction from Ascending to Descending. Clicking a third time will turn off sorting on that column
    • You may sort by more than one column, for example, by Value first, and then Response Rate, second, by clicking each column name in the order desired

3. To clear the filter set, make sure to do so by clicking on the icon under the “Settings & Filters” heading.

4. To download your reports:

  • Overall Attributes bar chart:
  1. Export as image by clicking on the icon and “Export Image”
  2. Export as a PDF by clicking on the same icon and “Export PDF”
  • Data Table:
  1. Export as Excel file by clicking on the Export To Excel icon on the gray banner

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