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Saved Filter Sets Instructions

Table of Contents

Set settings & filters
Save filter settings
Clear filter set
Access saved filter sets
Download saved filter list

Saved filter sets for quick access later

While in a report:

Select your Settings & Filters*, including:

  1. Account Filters: by Accounts, Primary Product, Tier, Region, Sales Rep, Account Manager
  2. Contact Filters: by Contacts, Roles
  3. Questionnaire Filters: by Questionnaire, Wave OR Start/End Dates*
    1. You may select a start wave without an end wave if that is the only wave for which you want to report
    2. Selecting a wave in the “Start wave” filter will show all data in that wave.
    3. Selecting a value in the “End Wave” filter will show all results for the entered range of start wave and end wave
  4. Question Filters: by scores (0-10) relating to specific question types and attributes

*NOTE: The filter names are part of a default set and may change during implementation to better suit your company’s needs.

*NOTE: We suggest using Campaigns (“Waves”) instead of Dates for accuracy in including all Non-Responders. Waves are time periods used for sending, managing, and analyzing feedback and assessing change in customer perception over time (similar to a marketing campaign)

Save filter settings

Run the report by pressing  . You can save these filter settings to use across other reports by clicking the button under the “Settings & Filters” heading. We recommend using a descriptive title that clearly distinguishes one saved filter set from another.

Clear filter set

To clear the filter set, make sure to do so by clicking on the icon under the “Settings & Filters” heading.

Access saved filter sets

  1. Quickly access and utilize saved filter sets by navigating to Settings & Filters within a report and choose a saved filter set in the Filters dropdown menu
    • Once the desired filter set is selected, make sure to click on the    button to run the report
  2. Access the entire list of saved filter sits in the left navigation menu via Reports Saved View Filter Sets
    • You will see a list of saved filter sets
    • The “DELETE” button allows you to clean up the list, which will also remove the specific filter set within a report Filters dropdown menu

Download saved filters list

  • Data Table:
  1. Export as Excel file by clicking on the Export To Excel icon on the gray banner

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