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TopBox September 2017 Release

We are proud to announce several new TopBox capabilities that are now live. I’m pleased to say that 100% of this release was crafted directly from customer-submitted feedback, so keep the questions, feedback, and enhancement requests coming! Please let us know if we can provide any additional details on any of these and/or if you are looking for something specific. 


New tag-based security
Alert rules can send to any account/contact data
New Summary Results    Relationship Strength Chart
Other Noteworthy Items

New tag-based security

What we’ve improved: Now you have the ability to restrict data on any column that you provide to TopBox. Previous versions of TopBox allowed administrators to create user-accounts that could see data from specific customer-accounts and/or questionnaires, but this has now been extended to restrict data on any attribute.

Why it’s important: You can now allow your extended ecosystem to view and analyze feedback that is relevant to them while securely and easily restricting confidential data. For example, for those TopBox clients that provide us with Channel Partner information, on the Users admin screen you no longer need to maintain a list of specific accounts (customers) that a user should be able to access, and instead could clear the account list and click “Tag (A)” and Select Channel Partner, and then for “Tag (A) Values” you would want to select a specific channel partner for that user.

Value provided: Allowing your business partners to see feedback data that is relevant to them not only allows them to more easily view and analyze feedback that they should care about, but should also strengthen your partnership and ecosystem through value-added insights.

Alert rules can send to any account/contact data

What we’ve improved: You can now send different alerts to different people based on the alert rules. Previously, only one “quarterback” (coordinator) and one recipient for any survey response follow-up were permitted.

Why it’s important: Most companies would like the CSM or Sales Rep to be the “quarterback” for any given alert so that there is visibility and coordination, but be able to delegate follow-ups to different people based on the specific rule that was triggered. For example, you may want an alert follow-up to be handled by Marketing if the triggered response is a Promoter, but sent to the CSM if the response is a Detractor. Although theoretically the alert recipient could differ from the quarterback, in practice in the past the alert follow-up needed to be delegated in TopBox to the right person after the alert was sent.

Value provided: Since you can now send alerts to different people based on the response rules, your follow-up process will be faster, more efficient, and reduce email.

New Summary Results    Relationship Strength Chart

What we’ve improved:
i. We have added a “Relationship Strength” chart to the Summary Results page, which uses Participation (Response) Rate compared against Overall Scores for each of the accounts or segments being viewed.
ii. We have changed the visibility of the previous line- and bar-charts to be selected from the 3-bar menu in the upper left corner of the chart. In addition to seeing the usual “Export Image” and “Export PDF” options, you can now toggle the chart to be a Trend (line chart) or Bar chart.

Why it’s important:
i. Clients of TopBox know that customer’s providing feedback (i.e. response rate) are much more likely to have a strong relationship with your firm, an important driver of renewal and expansion. That is, regardless of the customer’s ratings we know that participation in the feedback program highlights “engagement” and is a strong indicator of the strength of the relationship. This new chart allows you to visualize your customers’ relationship strength – the combination of both ratings and participation – in one chart to truly understand where the company is performing well / not-well.
ii. In addition, the Summary Results report previously had 2 charts – a bar chart and a line chart – of the same data. This was not only an inefficient use of screen real-estate, but also prevented TopBox from providing this more useful chart.

Value provided: Since we know that Participation (response) rates are a key indicator of the strength of the relationship between your company and your customers, this simple 2×2 chart highlights areas (accounts, segments, or other attribute being analyzed) with strong and weak relationships for optimal sales or support triage.


What we’ve improved: We have now published our initial API for programmatic access to feedback results. The API runs our “Feedback Export” report to be able to acquire the complete set of results via any custom program that allows for a restful-API.
Why it’s important: Although we are proud to have industry-leading visualizations and insights for driving improvement in customer success and experience, many companies also desire a method for pulling in feedback results into a Data Warehouse.
Value provided: Our restful API provide direct and simple access to TopBox data. Previously, clients used the TopBox integration with Salesforce to export data to their data warehouse, which required specific knowledge of the Salesforce data structure and API, not to mention a non-starter for those programs not utilizing our Salesforce integration.


  • Improved support for Salesforce with multiple questionnaires now synch’ing to a ‘feedback’ object.
  • Clicking on the email address (“mailto:” links) on the Account X-Ray and Individual Trend now open an email for that user in a new tab, so web-based email such as Gmail (or other browser-based email) now loads more effectivelyImprovements to user-security roles, including hiding icons on the reports that aren’t part of a user’s role.
  • Improvements to user-security roles, including hiding icons on the reports that aren’t part of a user’s role.
  • Moved the legend on Account X-Ray to the header area for easier visibility.
  • Bug fixes:
    1. Clicking on the “triangle alert” icon for a contact card that has a follow-up will properly show the follow-up item.
    2. Fix to Unsubscribed rate calculation.
    3. Fix to labels on Ratings by Question report.
    4. Updated Alert Follow-up with due date and account manager.